If you’ve been on Facebook or other social media during the pandemic, chances are you’ve seen different versions of “Choose Your Quarantine House,” which has been trending as a silly but kind of fun social game. Similar to such dilemmas as picking someone to be stuck on a deserted island with, the versions of this game present you with lists of famous people and fictional characters living together in imaginary houses and asks you to consider which group you’d rather be stuck with for the duration. With roomies like Dr. Phil and Justin Bieber, this can turn into a real brain teaser of pros and cons!

In real life scenarios, the Stay At Home order has impacted most of us, and not all the same. Some families are glad for the extended time together, while some individuals are feeling isolated. One thing many have in common is looking around and seeing their home in a new way. The “perfect quarantine house” can be different for everyone. Your perfect quarantine house could involve home improvement projects, decorating and landscaping trends, remodeling inspirations, or even plans to list your house for sale and relocate. Maybe you want to move into town to be less isolated, or out of town to have more space for the kids and pets to play outside? It can mean upsizing to have more you can do at home such as a big vegetable garden, home office, or craft room—or downsizing now that you know the difficulty of upkeep when services like lawn care, maintenance, and house cleaning are closed.

Whether you’re thinking to buy or sell, or to just stay put and give your home a makeover, the spring and summer months are the best time to do it!

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