The months of November and December are the most difficult in the world of real estate. Home sales are at their lowest, and it’s not an easy task to sell your home in winter. The cold weather keeps potential buyers at home. However, there are certain things you can do to sell your home quickly this month.

Since sales are low in winter, sellers tend to set lower prices for their homes. Some savvy home buyers now look for homes in November to take advantage of low prices, especially during the holidays. However, this is a new trend that is just catching on. Although more people may hunt for a home in November, the overall numbers are still very low.

November is cold and unpleasant in most states, and people would rather stay home and be comfortable. As a seller, understand your target market and give the clients a reason to get out and buy your house during the winter. Read these proven tips to sell your home fast in November for top dollar!

Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent

First, you need to hire an experienced local real estate agent. They know how to market a home because they do this for a living. Local real estate agents have existing clientele looking for homes, so they can get you a buyer quickly. Since a lot of people don’t buy homes in November, you need to make the most of a small market. You must reach as many potential customers as possible. Real estate agents help you do that.

Every city or neighborhood has local trends and real estate characteristics. Real estate agents can help you make renovations that will make an impact and help sell your home quicker. They negotiate with the client and help you get a better deal. An experienced real estate agent is a valuable asset when you’re selling your home, especially in the winter.

Target Motivated Home Buyers

When someone is looking for a house in November or during the holidays, they usually have a good reason. They might be starting a new job in your city, or maybe their kids are transferring to a school in your neighborhood. These are the people who will buy your home fast and pay good money. Make sure that you target them with your listings. Talk to your real estate agent about how you can do this.

In your listing, mention all the important businesses and the schools around your home. If there’s a corporation nearby that employs a lot of people, make sure to add that in your listing. People like to stay close to offices and schools. Mentioning what’s around you will help your cause.

Proper Pricing

Prices can drop by 3-8% during holidays, depending on the location of your home. With the help of your real estate agent and through proper research, decide on a competitive price. Many sellers have offers and discounts around November and this has a considerable impact on the prices. Therefore, if you set your price too high, you might not attract enough buyers.

Some real estate agents, or even your friends, will suggest you slash the price of your home. Don’t overdo it. Never— and this is true anytime of the year — undercut the value of your home. Not only will you get a lower price, but buyers might be apprehensive. Prices are typically low when something is wrong. If there’s nothing wrong with your home, there’s no need to undervalue it.

Take High-Resolution Pictures and Videos

Most people these days start by looking at homes online. High-resolution video clips and pictures show potential buyers exactly what you are selling. Use social media platforms to your advantage when you market your home.

It’s important to describe your home in detail. Attach pictures of your home that were taken in spring or summer. This way, buyers can see what your home looks like throughout the year.

Provide Home Buyers With A Place To Escape The Cold

Many potential buyers don’t get out and visit homes in November because of the cold. Make your house more accommodating by turning on the heat, make some hot coffee, and light a few holiday-scented candles. Leaving a good impression always helps.

Finally, one important point to understand is that just because it’s winter, there’s no need to be desperate. As mentioned earlier, your home is valuable both in winter and summer. Wait for the right price to be offered. Only after you feel that you’ve got a good deal should you go ahead and accept an offer.

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