Tips for Selling your Home in Spring

Spring in the pacific Northwest can be a muddy time. Rain has been falling for five months, turning yards muddy and marshy and walkways wet and grimy. Those with outdoor pets – or kids who play outdoor spring sports – know the lament of keep the entryways clean on a consistent basis.

If you’re planning on selling your home during this time, that goes for the whole house. But keeping the entire home clean for a few weeks – or even a few months – doesn’t need to fill every waking moment.

Staging a Home for Sale in Vancouver WA

Rid your home of some of that clutter from the start. Box up non-essential items in clearly marked containers.

Keep it Clutter Free

Muddy paw prints and dirty cleats aside, the key is to keep your home tidy with quick daily sweeps. Blankets folded, homework put away (preferably finished of course), dishes out of the sink, and so on. By keeping clutter from accumulating, these chores don’t have to take a lot of time.

You can even rid your home of some of that clutter from the start, boxing up non-essential items in clearly marked containers. That way if you happen to need one of those knick knacks, you can easily find it. An added bonus – when you’re house sells, you’re already on your way to packing things up!

Deep Cleaning

There is still a need for the occasional deep cleaning, though. There are two areas of the home will need the most attention: the kitchen and bathroom. Because of the daily use, keeping these rooms clean will need more of your attention. In the bathroom, keeping toiletries in drawers instead of the counter and hanging up towels after use will help, but the fixtures and sink will probably need a weekly cleaning.

The same applies to the kitchen. Appliances, cereal, bread, or whatever may be on the counter for convenience, but you want to keep the counters as clear as possible when showing a home. Box up larger appliances (slow-cookers, waffle irons, large mixers), extra glassware and dinnerware, and cooking pots and pans and use the freed-up cabinet space to store the everyday essentials out of sight. A daily wipe down of the counters wouldn’t hurt, either.

Keeping your home neat and tidy is a full-time job to start with, and the pressure of getting it ready to sell doesn’t help things. But spending five to ten minutes a day, or even a moment here and there throughout the day, will help you avoid the pressure of trying to clean everything at once when a potential buyer comes for a visit.

It will also give you time to keep the kids and dog clean before they even step foot in the house.

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