Congratulations on making the exciting life decision to sell your home! Whether you’re relocating to a new area, downsizing, upsizing, or just need a change, selling your home can be an incredibly fulfilling and exciting journey. Our goal at Go With Ro is the ensure our sellers can deftly navigate all the many pieces of the home sale puzzle and enjoy a stress-free move.

Below, we have broken down our complete process for sellers and top tips for how to prepare your home for hitting the market!

1. Repair & Prepare
Our first step for sellers is to secure a pre-listing inspection. Getting your home inspected before showing it to any prospective buyers can help streamline the sale process and avoid any surprises along the way. Taking this extra step allows sellers to get a clear picture of the state of their home and identify any repairs or improvements that need to be done. After completing any necessary repairs, we will then look at the home cosmetically. Together, we identify any touch-ups that can be applied to ensure your listing photos will look spectacular, increase buyer interest, and get your home sold faster.

Seller’s Pre-Listing Checklist

● Give your home a thorough cleaning.
● Oil hinges and tighten door knobs.
● Repair defective light switches and clean light fixtures.
● Repair dripping faucets and leaky toilets.
● Clean out the gutters and remove any debris from the roof.
● Have carpets professionally cleaned or replaced if damaged.
● Fix and wash railings, steps, storm windows, screens, and doors.
● Clear away any clutter in the home, garage, and yard.
● Mow your yard, edge any pathways, and remove weeds.
● Pressure wash any outdoor paths and driveways.
● Make sure all light bulbs are working and match both inside & outside the home.
● Wash all windows, mirrors, and glass fixtures.
● Use white towels, linens, and comforters whenever possible.
● Remove floor rugs, carpet runners, and bathroom mats.

2. Marketing Your Home
Marketing is the cornerstone of any good home sale. The right marketing has the power to increase buyer interest in your listing, boost the sale price, and make your home sell faster. Our team will create a curated market strategy for your home to reach the widest possible swath of prospective buyers. We will work together to determine what level of staging your home may need and then create high-value images of your property with an elite photography package. With our company sign in your yard, your listing will be associated with one of the most successful and regionally recognized real estate companies and names in our area. Our extensive network includes a private database of over 1,500 qualified buyers and real estate investors, as well as thousands of real estate agents in the Clark County area and beyond. This approach ensures you will obtain the highest dollar value for your property by extending your listing far beyond the reach of traditional real estate marketing tactics.

3. Hitting The Market
What To Expect

Your home will be first listed on the Realtor Multiple Listing Service (RMLS) which will notify other agents in the Southwest Washington area that your home is for sale, and then we are off to the races! Our team uses a calendar service called My Home By Showing Time to organize and streamline viewing appointments and remove the stress from scheduling showings. We will be able to set parameters around when your home will be open for viewings to protect your schedule and privacy.

Preparing For Showings

● Put away any items in the yard like garden tools, bicycles, and toys.
● Clear any clutter from tables and shelves.
● Put any money, prescription drugs, and valuables out of view.
● Remove extra blankets and pillows from beds, couches, and armchairs.
● Add a ground-up lemon to the garbage disposal to give the kitchen a fresh smell.
● Light a fire in any fireplaces to create a comfortable ambiance.
● If you have pets, it’s best for them to be out of the home during showings. Either take them with you or have them secluded to a backyard or garage. This will help reduce stress for both your pets and potential buyers.

Receiving Offers

You will receive a copy of all offers, with a full summary of terms, along with a seller’s estimated net sheet. We will review these offers together to be sure you understand all the terms of the agreement and are confident in selecting your final chosen offer. At each step of the way, we will offer our guidance and professional recommendations.

4. The Closing Process Inspections

Home inspections typically occur within the first ten days of a mutually accepted offer. You’ll want to ensure all access points of your home are easily accessible including crawlspace, attic, electrical panels, water heaters, and furnace. If there are any identified areas needed for repair, we have a strong network of trusted contractors available to assist with repairs.

Bank Appraisals

If your home is lender financed you will most likely have an appraiser come to your home. Be sure your home is clean and presentable for this appraisal; first impressions very are important.

Wrapping Up

You did it! You sold your home! Congratulations! We are so excited for you and your new adventures. We will ensure your closing and recording process is handled with close supervision. Together we will transfer ownership of the home to the buyers and tie up all the final loose ends.

If you are thinking about selling your home, give us a call so we can talk through our process for sellers and how we can best assist you. We look forward to learning more about your goals for your upcoming sale and how we can help you achieve them!

Rowena Lusby
(360) 909-6399

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