The Vancouver School District realizes that not every student learns the same. While the basics still need to be covered, many students find that non-traditional ways of learning not only help them keep pace, but excel. Many other students need to be challenged with rigorous academic programs while others still find learning a trade will help them later in life.

That’s why the Vancouver School District offers several different choices for their students. Here are a few of the options:

• International Baccalaureate (IB)
• Medical Arts
• Science, Math and Technology (SMT)

International Baccalaureate (IB) – Full-Day Magnet

In an effort to give high school students a leg up in their college careers, the rigorous university preparation International Baccalaureate program at Columbia River High School was implemented. Interested students can enroll in Pre-Baccalaureate classes as freshmen and sophomores while juniors and seniors will enter the International Baccalaureate classes.
The curriculum will develop expertise in all subjects as well as other courses, such as language, computer science, and music. Completion of one of more IB courses and exams could translate to college credit at institutions worldwide. Completing the entire IB diploma program could lead to priority admissions to universities and increased college credit.

Go to to learn about the application process or see a sample four-year plan.

Medical Arts – Full-Day Magnet

A student at VPS Medical Arts Program in Vancouver WA

Photo taken from website.

Students who want to learn the difference between an electrocardiogram and an echocardiogram might be interested in the Medical Arts magnet school at Fort Vancouver High School. Medical Arts students in ninth through 12th grades take four core classes: Health Sciences and Careers, Athletic Medicine, Medical Terminology and Psychology and Health Issues.
Junior and seniors who have kept up with their studies are eligible for up to four hours of fieldwork and opportunities for community event participation. Additionally, up to 17 credits through Clark College can be earned by students who excel.

Go to to learn about the application process or see a sample four-year plan.

Science, Math and Technology (SMT) – Full-Day Magnet

The Science, Math and Technology magnet at Skyview High School was designed for students with an interest in pursuing knowledge of physics, engineering, and – of course – robots. The SMT program offers chances to complete Advanced Placement classes and earn college credit as well.
While building “James Bond–style wheeled devices” or competing with the robotics team are a few of the possibilities, the SMT program will also allow students to participate in more than 50 other clubs, sports, and activities at Skyview High School.

Go to to learn about the application process and requirements.

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