Decluttering Vancouver WA

You may be the type of person that has a place for everything and everything is in its place. For the rest of us, especially those with young children, our house is in a constant state of “picking up.” Picking up toys, laundry, shoes, coats – basically, anything that can end up on the floor, piled on the kitchen table, or shoved into a closet.

After a few months (okay, years), the clutter becomes part of the background. Just as long as we aren’t actively being attacked by mutant dust bunnies, we’re happy with a somewhat open path from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen. But the chaos can take a toll.

It did for “The Frugalwoods.” The Frugalwoods are an “ex-urban, rookie homesteaders finding contentment on 66 acres in rural central Vermont along with our daughter and dog and blog about their adventures at Mrs. Frugalwoods recently wrote about her adventures in decluttering and how purging has made her family happier.

Read their story here.

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