It’s time to get ready for Christmas! 2020 has been a year of challenges, change, strength, and innovation. Instead of digging out your old holiday boxes from the garage, why not try something new this year? You can express your family’s interests or hobbies by adding a fun, personalized theme to your décor. Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Around the World

The holidays are celebrated differently throughout the world. Show off your own heritage or take ideas from another culture. Hang a brightly colored Scandinavian Christmas print on your wall. If you want tropical, decorate the tree with Hawaiian leis and Polynesian pineapple ornaments. Celebrate the world with globes and passports. Mix, match and be merry!

Celebrate Nature

Nature themes are easy to create, and you can literally find decorations outside your door. Fill a Christmas dish with pinecones and acorns. Decorate your tree with moss, cinnamon sticks and tiny bird’s nests. Light a few pine scented candles and let the outdoors in!

Classy or Trashy

For classy, use color like white, silver and gold. You can incorporate splashes of color with red berry garland. Add texture with glass globes, a eucalyptus wreath, and a faux fur tree skirt.

Or, do the absurd! You can find a fantastic selection of decorations at Tipton’s in Seaside, OR. They have everything you need to decorate the perfect “trashy” Christmas tree, including ornaments in the shape of beer cans, pizza slices, even replicas of the iconic station wagon from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”!

Santa Paws

We all love our furry family members, so why not honor your pets this holiday? Hang bone-shaped ornaments on your tree, along with playful doggie garland. For cat lovers, an adorable kitty tree topper is just the thing! Hang stockings for your critters filled with pet-friendly treats and toys. Why should we have all the fun?

We “Whisk” You a Merry Christmas

Love to bake? Show off your kitchen skills by making cinnamon gingerbread ornaments! Are you a salty snacker? Making popcorn garland (and munching on a handful or two) is a project the whole family can enjoy. A cheese and cracker Christmas tree or healthy fruit Christmas tree are both edible options for a centerpiece. Fill small bowls with dried fruit, almonds, pecans… go nuts!

Whatever theme you choose, remember that it’s ok to make it your own. It doesn’t have to be designer to be gorgeous, and it can be fun without being tacky (unless that’s your theme)! The holidays are about family, the cozy comforts of home, and traditions new and old. Be well, and Merry Christmas!

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