Add a little country charm this Christmas


Tired of using the same decorations year after year? Running out of ideas? Here are some country-inspired tips to get you (and your home) in the spirit of the season.


Set a holiday scene in your outdoor room

No need to limit your decorations to the inside of your house. Bring decorative Christmas cheer all the way out to your backyard. A backyard retreat decorated for the Christmas season serves as a perfect place to cozy up with a blanket on a brisk winter night. A beautiful Christmas tree can take center stage. A simple evergreen wreath above an outdoor the fireplace adds warmth to the scene. Stock your outdoor bar and light a blazing fire for a homey outdoor gathering!


Pile on the Plaid

Plaid is not just for school uniforms and flannel shirts. Use plaid as a theme for your Christmas decorations for a classic, old-school take on holiday cheer. Don’t be afraid to mix up plaids of varying sizes and scales. Try a transparent plaid garland and decorate with metallic ornaments. Use the gifts under your tree as decorations themselves. Choose plaid-patterned giftwrap and solid colored ribbons for a layered presentation of presents.


Christmas Lanterns

Are you in a pinch for a festive way to decorate your doorstep this holiday season? Greet guests in style by arranging a grouping of festive candleholders and lanterns in your entryway for quick and easy holiday style. Choose lanterns and sconces that you already have lying around your house for a cozy, mismatched look. Arrange large, sturdy candles for a warm glow, and strategically place wrapped gifts for color.


Adorn Your Gifts

Because those Christmas presents are already hanging out under your tree for the entire length of the holiday season, why not make them part of your house’s festive decorations? Make your wrapped Christmas packages Pinterest-level-pretty by attaching small tokens to each gift. You can use bells, small ornaments, sprigs of evergreen, glittery snowflakes and holly. The possibilities are endless, and gifts can be customized dependent upon their recipient.


Gift Tags

For family gatherings, make the exterior of your gifts look just as good as the presents that are inside. The bonus is that, until you give the gifts to their recipients, they will add class to your living room while they wait under your tree. Pair preprinted gift tags that reinforce your Christmas decorating scheme with boxes wrapped in chocolate and metallic papers to add character.


Wrap Your Coffee Table

This doesn’t mean wrap your coffee table in wrapping paper. Rather, get creative and upgrade your living area by wrapping a coffee table in belts of festive Christmas ribbon. Transform your coffee table into a Christmas present by crisscrossing strands of ribbon over the top and sides of the table, like you would when wrapping a gift. To avoid over-decoration, choose a neutral ribbon color that is close to the color of the table, and wrap loosely. Add festive centerpieces, like spray painted pinecones, and metallic family heirlooms to add sparkle to the decoration.


Ornamental Cylinders

For a tasteful, intricate, and slightly minimalist Christmas display, fill transparent glass cylinders with painted holiday objects. Use spray paint to add a shimmery touch to pinecones, acorns, or round glass ornaments. Display these decorations on a dining or coffee table. Large glass vases look fabulous when arranged on a windowsill. This do-it-yourself Christmas decoration is easy to make yet results in a sophisticated look.


Cascading Ribbon Tree

This year, instead of wrapping ribbon around your Christmas tree, let it cascade down. Decorate your tree with long, cascading tendrils of colorful ribbon for a whimsical, colorful, and modern Christmas tree. Search the remnants section of your local fabric store for clearance deals on pieces that are at the end of a roll. Stick to one color scheme or mix it up and make it bright.


Fruit & Greenery

One of the oldest, most traditional decorating techniques is the old fruit-in-glass-vase technique. From real lemons and limes to fake peaches and apples, this idea is so easy! Simply use a glass hurricane or vase to create a festive, fruity arrangement by filling the jar with layers of limes, red holly berries, and lemons or oranges. The traditional Christmas colors of red, green, and gold will last all season. Top off your arrangement with steams of seasonal greenery.


Wrap Gifts to Match Your Décor

In the time leading up to Christmas morning, the gifts under your tree act as functional decorations. You might as well make them part of your Christmas decoration theme. They are going to be there, anyway. Purchase wrapping paper that coordinates with your decorating color scheme.


Top the Tree with Bells

Incorporate some good ole jingle bells into your Christmas décor by decorating your tree with festive, rustic, and oh-so-merry Christmas bells. Keep an eye out for bells at year-round flea markets or order them online from a specialty store. Choose bells with a finish that matches your existing Christmas décor. Attach the bells to one another using wire, bunch fresh holly in between, then secure it to the top of your tree. Experiment with different toppers using various seasonal greenery and flowers. Bells are a classic decorating alternative to the typical star.

Cluster Ornaments

This designer Christmas décor secret is ingenious, easy, and cheap. Cluster small ornaments together for an extravagant impact. Small ornaments can easily get lost on a busy tree amid the sparkling lights and garland. Using thread or fishing wire, simply thread a cluster of ornaments together and tie to make an eye-catching arrangement. You can also hang these festive ornamental clusters around your house, such as on wreaths or from your mantel.


Float Candles

Instead of a traditional table runner, try this Christmas table decoration as an alternative. Place shallow trays end to end down the length of your dining room table. To prevent accidental leakage, seal the trays with silicon caulk before filling them with water. Buy festive float candles to illuminate your dining room in holiday cheer.


Stack Evergreen Wreaths

Here’s an easy way to upgrade your average evergreen wreaths this holiday season. Stack three small wreaths for a long and loopy design that adds impact and originality to your home’s traditional front door. Tie the three wreaths together with wire so they appear to be connected. Weave 3-4 natural or painted pinecones into each evergreen wreath, secure with wire, and tie a matching ornamental bow on the top wreath to make it holiday worthy. Border your doorframe with matching evergreen garland, and cluster pinecones at the top of the frame to echo the wreaths’ elements.


Suspend Your Tree Topper

Add an unexpected detail to your Christmas tree by hanging your tree topper from the ceiling. First, choose a shape that plays off your Christmas ornaments. Attach a ceiling hook right above your tree’s tallest point. Float the topper by hanging it from a bow attached to the hook. For added impact, attach cascading ribbon or garland from the bottom of your hanging tree topper. This technique makes a big impact without appearing over-decorated or tired and will stand out among the rest in creativity and originality.


Just remember, although holiday decorating makes your home a festive and warm gathering place, your guests are coming to see you and your family. If you don’t have time to get elaborate, pick up a few Christmas throw pillows, light a fire or candles, and brew up some spiced cider. No matter how elegant or simple, the holiday season is about family, friends and the spirit of Christmas.

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