It’s August and just as we’re starting our real summer weather here, Back to School season has hit the stores already. Backpacks and displays of school supplies greet us at every entrance, as summer gear gets moved to clearance racks and sidewalk sales. Not everyone is ready to think about Back to School just yet, but we can’t really avoid the topic since it’s been an ongoing top news story after the closures and transition to remote learning last spring.

Home buyers with young families or plans for starting a family tend to factor school ratings and educational programs into their property searches. Just like workplaces are shifting to accommodate more remote workers, schools are also transitioning to virtual settings. With ongoing changes to public health mandates, this could become the new normal.

We don’t know yet what learning will be like here for the new school year but one thing we can count on is access to quality public and private education. Clark County has eight school districts, many of which are highly rated. Each district has its own offerings for magnet programs, academic merits, skills training and career preparation pathways.

Here are some highlights of the educational opportunities around Clark County:

The focused programs Camas School District offers are CamTech, Integrated Arts and Academics (IAA), Math Science and Technology (MST) Magnet, and the Project-Based Learning Program.

Battle Ground School District has CAM Academy (Character and Academics for the Marketplace), and CASEE (Center for Agriculture, Science, and Environmental Education), as well as an established virtual learning program called River Online Learning for grades K-12.

Washougal School District offers a wide range of programs in Career and Technical Education (CTE) from Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources to Transportation, Distribution & Logistics. Check out the CTE Clusters here.

Vancouver School District has Vancouver School of Arts and Academics and iTech Preparatory for grades 6-12, language immersion programs at the elementary level, and an established Virtual Learning Academy which, according to recent news from the district, will receive in-district students who choose not to return to their neighborhood schools this fall.

Evergreen School District has many diverse programs to offer like Cascadia Tech Academy and Henrietta Lacks Health & Bioscience High School.

For those seeking K-12 private schools there are options such as King’s Way, Cornerstone Christian Academy, Seton Catholic College Preparatory, and more.Clark Community College and WSU Vancouver stand ready to receive graduates into higher education disciplines and skills certifications for the workforce. Most districts also offer preschool and early learning programs. From the cradle to college, students in Clark County have access to some of the best education in the country.

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