For many, schools are what make a neighborhood. School buses taking kids to school in the morning and back home again in the afternoon, after-school sporting events, artistic endeavors, and educational services all make for a vibrant community.

Clark County, WA, is home to nine different school districts and over 130 public schools that serve 78,000 students. These school districts cover several cities, including Battle Ground, Ridgefield, Vancouver, Camas, Washougal, La Center and Woodland.

young man in front of chalkboard with three arrows representing choices Not every child learns the same way, Clark County offers several different educational choices

With such a large number of students, educational needs and support are wide and varied. Most of the public schools in Clark County are of the standard primary, middle and high schools variety. But not every child learns the same way, and Clark County offers several schools of different educational needs and support.

The Battle Ground School districts is made up of six primary, six middle and two high schools. In addition, Battle Ground also offers a few alternative ways of learning: CAM, CASEE, River Homelink and Summit View.

CAM, which stands for Character and Academics for the Marketplace, is a school that houses third through twelfth grades and has a strong academic focus. The mission of CAM is “to support and promote the academic success, positive character development and the acquisition of marketplace skills.” Students are expected to reach goals throughout the year and parents are expected to take an active part in the process. Visit for more information.

Another option is CASEE, which stands for The Center for Agriculture, Science and Environmental Education. Here, students focus on environmental STEM opportunities and earn science, CTE, and Ebglish credits. An 80-acre “outdoor laboratory” for learning prepares students for work and college in a sustainable world. Students team with local scientists and businesses to solve real-world problems. Visit for more information.

Summit View Alternative High School is a learning program designed to serve a variety of students, including at-risk, teen parents, working teens, and alternative and self-directed learners. For more information, visit For students who are homeschooled, River Homelink allows students to receive consulting services and academic support of at-home and on-campus learning experiences. Visit for more information.

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