It might not be possible to completely overhaul your home décor every year (and why would you want to?), but a few little tweaks might satisfy your urge for a refreshed space for the new year. Learn a bit more about what is trending for 2020. Perhaps one of the following ideas will be a perfect way for you to upgrade your personal space.

Grandmillennial Style
As evidenced by the recent viral House Beautiful article, ‘Grandmillenial style’ is having its moment. The look is traditional design with a twist: blending elements of classic design like chinoiserie, scallops, natural fiber rugs, topiaries, and more, with a contemporary edge (think: modern art and clean lined furniture).

Less walls
Openness is preferred, especially in the kitchen area and shared spaces. When you choose to divide, look for more diaphanous elements, such as glass doors.

Open cabinets
It seems that this trend continues to rise, either from our lack of space or because we like to see our things. This trend continues from 2019.

A touch of freshness
Because our homes need a touch of freshness, plants have become essential. Whether in the form of natural plants or on wallpaper, it’s a clever idea to include in your decoration. Living plants bring many benefits to your home. However, if you aren’t up to caring for plants, you can also use tropical-style paper, or frame pictures of plants. All of these options are valid to include nature at home!

The golden kingdom
From kitchens that are dressed in gold to all the accessories, faucets, handles… gold is glittering in full swing. Start with a lamp or a small accessory that adds a golden touch to your kitchen or living room. Remember, gold is the royalty of accent colors!

Orange attention
This is perhaps more a declaration than a prediction. This color may be the necessary detail for your new décor. Three shades are specifically coming into their own: Butterscotch – an orange closer to yellow, Dark Cheddar – an orange that melts with yellow, and Orange Tiger – a vibrant and energetic orange that will be perfect in your sofa, armchair or dining room chairs.

Eastern Aires
‘The Japanese’ will continue to be very present in our homes. Many of us have already been introduced to Wabi Sabi – which invites us to take advantage of the beauty of the ancient and imperfect, recycle and use the elements. The next level is to surrender to japandi, a decorative style that combines Scandinavian and Japanese style, both quite minimalist, simple and functional. You will see a combination of natural wood, organic materials, and much more white.

The Scandicraft
Scandicraft gradually replaced the Scandinavian style, already considered too cold. For short, the Scandicraft trend is Scandinavian spiked with natural materials, with more texture, more color and more softness for an ultra-cozy atmosphere.
2020 will show us the triumph of modern trends. They are inspired by those who love urban life, minimalists with a touch of eco-style. Tune into these fresh ideas for a refined living space. It only takes one or two modifications to transform your home for the new year ahead!

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