This year is about natural elements, bold designs and comforting colors. Stepping away from the tech-obsessed decor we saw dominate the 2018 design trends, 2019 moved towards fresh, natural materials such as stone, copper, concrete, and granite. These elements help bring an organic and serene ambiance to any space while reflecting the world around your home.



Providing a crisp, clean look that’s easy to compliment, concrete isn’t just for countertops. Geometric concrete tiles are becoming increasingly popular, pairing two of this year’s hottest design trends in one stylish piece.


Similar to floral patterns and brass decor, incorporating geometric patterns is no new trend. Yet now, geometric patterns are a dramatic presence. Colors are bolder with oversized patterns. This trend makes a daring statement in any room. An easy way to incorporate this pattern into your home decor is by adding geometric throws.


This decorating trend has been around for a while. Now, however, expect to find exaggerated proportions and contrasting colors used for this timeless decor pattern.


Vintage Lighting

The vintage lights this year are less about exposed lighting and more about vintage pendants and sconces, in brass and copper finishes. Pendant lights are stylish hanging light fixtures that double as task lighting, perfect for kitchens and offices.

Open Shelving

Instead of hiding everything away, it’s now a trend to have your items on show. This allows your kitchen to show more personality than monotone cabinets. Add plants, decorative bowls and show off your cookbooks. You can also display jars of varying heights for pasta, oats and dried fruit.

Canopy Beds

They haven’t been in vogue since the late 80’s. It could stem from hotel-inspired bedroom suites, or maybe people are seeking out the ultimate comforting oasis. Whatever the case, minimally minded canopy beds are back. This year, they boast a slim silhouette, and can fit in almost any room without coming off as overbearing.



Rose gold was one of 2018’s most used decor trend. This year, it’s less rose gold and more copper accents, along with a mixture of other metals. With its red and orange tones and overall earthy hue, copper is a much-needed breath of fresh air for spring.


Mustard hues are the go-to shades during the warmer months in our homes. No longer content with small ‘pops’ of mustard (think throw pillows), we have moved towards larger investment pieces of furniture which add a bold, refreshing burst of color to our living spaces. It’s a versatile shade that works brilliantly with millennial pink, teal and indigo blue, and of course, crisp white if you want to create more of a fresh look.

Living Coral

Living Coral is a nurturing shade that’s set to energize and enliven our homes. Taking inspiration from earth minerals and shell clay, this is a color that evokes warmth and reassurance. With consumers craving human interaction and social connection, the humanizing and heartening qualities displayed by Living Coral hit a responsive chord this year. Vibrant, yet mellow, Living Coral provides comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment. Lying at the center of our naturally vivid and chromatic ecosystem, Living Coral is evocative of how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of color.

People are looking to create an oasis at home where they can escape the stress of the world and technology. This year’s trends engage the senses and symbolizes life, growth, and renewal, as well as associating with nature.

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