Here are a few Ideas to help you Working Remotely.

  • Pretend like you are going to the office. Set your alarm, make coffee and wear nice clothes.
    Get started early. Don’t let morning sluggishness get in the way of productivity.
  • Structure your day. When working at home, you are your own personal manager.
  • Choose a dedicated workspace. Set up a home office instead of working in your bedroom or on the couch – places that are associated with leisure time.
  • Work when you are most productive. Save harder tasks for when you know you are at your peak performance.
  • Save calls for the afternoon. If you can, save phone calls, meetings, and other collaborative work for when you’ve officially “woken up”.
  • Plan what you’ll be working on ahead of time.
  • Use technology to stay connected. These days, that’s an easy task.
  • Communicate your expectations with anyone who will be home with you. Make sure roommates, spouses, siblings, etc. respect your space during work hours.
  • Take clear breaks. Get away from your desk, go for a walk or do a few minutes of yoga.
  • Pick a definitive finishing time each day. This helps you know that your work day is over!

Now go get some fresh air and make it a great day!

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